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I recently (well ok, a few months back) completed a wonderful decor project for the Fratello coffee owners. brothers- Chris and Russ

The brothers had already contracted Hribar Design group to develop the floor plans but they were looking for something else when it came to the actual “look” of the cafe.  I was retained as advisor and interior designer to develop a materials and color scheme.  I’m very pleased with the end result.  A bit European cafe with a comfortable modern touch.  We used solid white oak throughout the space (the herringbone floors are my fav) and contrasting details and lighting in Black.  The lighting scheme was chosen to contrast the trend towards “cage lights” and the amazing banquet was custom built for us.  Owner Chris is an accomplished photographer, and many of the art pieces we chose are his film prints.  I had fun choosing everything. From the paint colors, wood tones, re-purposed marble (on the coffee stations) to the artwork configuration and furnishings.   I had to convince them the security mirror was a good idea and everyone loves it now.  I also managed to save the old sign-age from the exterior of the store which is proudly displayed above the workspace (Buy Rite and Free Delivery).  The shelving above the workspace is filled with thousands of vinyl record sleeves and the cafe hosts a dj night once a week, spinning some old originals.

If you are in Calgary, stop by Analog coffee!  you will find it on the corner of 7th St. and 17th Ave.  SW.  Chances are, you will find me there enjoying my daily latte.



  1. It’s a fantastic space and the location is perfect! I’m thinking of doing herringbone floors in my own place and I’m wondering who you contracted to do the floors?

  2. My best friends lives just around the corner from this coffee shop. I was visiting her a few months ago and stopped in. I remember really loving the vibe in here, great design work!

    Joanna Staniszewski
    (fellow creative generalist – decorator/photographer/painter/blogger from Kelowna BC :)

  3. Where did you find the shelving above the workspace that holds the records? I’m currently on the hunt for some sleek looking shelves to hold my vinyl collection!

  4. Wicked! I’m going to go down there and check this place out :) . Nice work.

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