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My local grocery store has a dedicated sushi chef who prepares the sushi fresh on site everyday. I love it. I thought I would post this in order to give some information that anyone who is going gluten free might not know. If you decide to go out for sushi, you will need to be very careful about your choices. There is wheat in nearly everything. Regular california rolls or anything made with imitation crab will have wheat. Almost all soy sauce has wheat. I buy wheat free San-J Lite Tamari organic soy sauce. Generally it is safest to make it yourself unless the restaurant you are in can give you a precise and detailed list of ingredients. These spicy rolls are made with shrimp/salmon and tuna. and I used my own soy sauce for dipping. delicious!
On another note- We make a really mean Shrimp Salad Roll that I plan to serve this weekend. You can expect photos and instructions by sunday! :)

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  1. i was going to ask if you eat sushi. being a west coaster, sushi is one of my main “eating out” staples. i never even considered that many of the ingredients and sauces who contain wheat. something to keep in mind and more reason to eat sashimi!

  2. careful still with that soy sauce! :)

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