Lose It Right
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A Brutally Honest 3-stage program to help you get fit and lose weight without losing your mind. James Fell

I photographed James Fell for the cover of this book.  I was already a fan.  You can read his witty column all over the internet.  Like the LA Times , Ask Men , Chatelaine and many more.  Well now he has a brand new book coming out.  Available on Amazon April 1st for Canadian buyers.


I got an advance copy!  It was a very good read.  His writing style is laugh out loud funny.  His advice is no nonsense, no airy fairy magical cure stuff here.  Just smart, up to date scientific and practical advice.  I highly recommend it.


This book mirrors many of my own opinions on diet and exercise.   James will help you find the answers you need to get started on a new you.  He is going to ask you to get off the couch.  He is also going to ask you to give up fast food “mostly”.  If you are ready for a graduated program that will convince you to finally get in shape this book is for you! It’s a great read if you are already in top form, but the book is aimed at folks new to the idea of daily exercise and the folks who are not quite sure where to start and what to eat.  He won’t starve you or make you jump into a crazy cross-fit 4 hour a day regime.  Nope, you progress at your own pace and as I know from personal experience- the more success you have, the more motivation you have to keep on with your new lifestyle.  Anyhow- buy the book.  If you are feeling middle age creeping up on you but you’re only in your twenties- buy the book. If your pants have magically shrunk for 5 years straight despite your best efforts- buy the book.  Thanks!  I mocked up this special edition James Fell meta book cover image because it’s April 1st.  But the book is real.  Real good.




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