One week to healthy- day 6 & 7
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This Post is entitled- What I didn’t eat. Augh, I ate everything I said I wouldn’t over the weekend.

On Saturday I was shooting a wedding all day.  We (my assistant and I) were invited to sit down for dinner and honestly, the buffet was full of healthy choices.  I made my mistake when I inquired if there were any gluten free dessert choices.  The restaurant brought me a big slice of GF chocolate cake.  I’m pretty sure it was made of butter, sugar and chocolate. I ate it all.  oops!

Then on Sunday it was back to folk fest.  I had two onigiri that day, plus some of that sweet and salty kettle corn popcorn and way too many ciders, plus some french fries!  The ciders of course made me hungry so I got some delicious corn tortilla beef tacos (with mango salsa) from Sunterra.  Mostly healthy but I was really trying to avoid the corn tortillas.

No worries, I’ll just  be conscious of my diet this week, now that all the partying is done. -  Today I started with plain yogurt and granola, ate an avocado and edamame for lunch and I’m about to grill some chicken and corn on the cob for dinner.

My 5D is off to the shop as it is not working (thank goodness it worked until I got the wedding images off it!). So, I will give you this lovely photo of fresh veggies to convince you that I was not tempted and did not fail on my mission.  Ha!


Saturday and Sunday activities-

Saturday- none, unless you count standing all day shooting a wedding activity.

Sunday- mostly raising my glass with a tiny bit of bike riding thrown in.


one week to healthy- day 5
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I guess I better talk about what I ate at folk fest first!  When I walked in the gates, my favorite coffee shop Phil & Sebastian had a booth, so I had a small soy latte.  Snack!  Next I found the onigiri truck and got myself a yam & salmon onigiri.  Off to a good start! Of course we spent several hours in the beer tent area, so I admit I had a couple Big Rock Ciders.  which explains why I skipped my morning snack.  :)   That’s not so bad right? I was doing good.  Then my husband showed up at the table with a burger and Ship & Anchor fries.  I ate some fries. When Beirut came on to play I headed to the main stage for the show and some dancing.  Probably not enough dancing for french fries but I figure if you count my biking to and from errands that day and biking to and from the folk fest…. well you know.  This eating healthy thing is hard if there is a party going on.

No matter!

I started my day with eggs and avocado.  Rather than plain old boring eggs, I fancied them up with egg whites.  I’ll give you the official French recipe which calls for cheese and cream.  Obviously I left those ingredients out today. Lunch is being prepared shortly.  Just some sardines (packed in water) with lemon and pepper and a salad. Dinner tonight, I don’t know, I checked yesterday and there are quite a few great gluten free healthy choices for me.  I’ll let you know that tomorrow.  As soon as I finish my work, I’m heading out on a run.  I’m planning a 10k today.


Egg soufflé recipe


2 eggs, room temperature with whites and eggs separated

sea salt

fresh ground black pepper

1 Tbsp cream (unless you are avoiding cream like me)

1 Tbsp gruyere cheese grated (again, I skipped this, I know, it would taste way better!)

fresh ground black pepper to taste

butter for greasing ramekin


1. Preheat your oven to 400° F. Grease a ramekin with butter

2. Beat eggs whites until becoming stiff.  Add a bit of salt to taste. Continue beating until stiff peaks.

3. Spoon the beaten egg whites into ramekin. Make a little well in the center with the back of a soup spoon.  Carefully drop your yolks into the well. (Add your cream and cheese on top of the yolks). Season with a bit of black pepper. Carefully smooth the beaten eggs back over the hole. Bake for about 7 minutes.The whites should be nicely browned, your yolks and other ingredients will be soft and warm. (if you don’t like runny yolks, you won’t want this breakfast)

4. Serve with toast.  Unless you are me, and skipping bread for the week.



Todays activity- 10K run




One week to healthy- day 4
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Started my day with buckwheat pancakes.  It’s what I wanted.  I tried making some vegan ones first from a recipe I found on The Healthy Chef. Fail!  I followed the recipe exactly.  They did not work.  So I added more and more almond milk.  End result- disgusting!  I washed up my pans and bowls and made my own no fail version.  As you can see I topped my pancakes off with healthy plain yogurt and raspberries.  So healthy.  Ok fine.  I admit it.  As soon as I turned off the camera I also doused the things in maple syrup.  Hey!  I’m Canadian.  We actually are not allowed to have pancakes without maple syrup.  For today I am saying maple syrup doesn’t count as sugar bad.  Just for today.

I’m about to hop on my bike for a 40k ride before finishing my work day.  I will just have a boiled egg and some carrot sticks after the ride.  Tonight, I’m off to the folk fest.  I’ll let you know tomorrow what trouble (or non trouble) I get in with my diet at the festival.  My intent is to treat myself to a delicious onigiri.


Breakfast- Buckwheat pancakes

snack- none

Lunch- carrot sticks, celery sticks, boiled egg

Dinner- to be determined.  probably Onigiri


Buckwheat pancake recipe-

1 cup buckwheat flour

1 tsp. baking soda

1/2 tsp. sea salt

1 egg, separated with whites beaten.

1 cup almond milk

2 Tbsp melted butter

handful of pumpkin seeds



1. Preheat your griddle on medium heat.

2. Place all of your dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and combine.

3. Stir together the egg yolk, butter and almond milk in another bowl.

4. Add your beaten egg whites to liquid and stir just a bit.

5. Pour liquid into dry ingredients (reserve a bit), and stir until combined. Add more liquid if needed.

6. Lightly oil your griddle and drop batter onto griddle in large spoonfuls. Press a few pumpkin seeds into each pancake. Turn when the undersides are nicely browned.

serve with low fat yogurt and fruit. and maple syrup.


Todays activity- 40K bike ride


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