It’s here! your free instagram book from Blurb!
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Today is the day!  Take advantage of this special promo code and make yourself a FREE Instagram book from Blurb!

It’s easy.


1. Simply go to the landing page here- 10centdesigner blurb giveaway , follow the instructions and you can make yourself a FREE 7×7 60 page soft cover Blurb book with your Instagram photos. The promo code is located- here . You need to do this from your mac or PC -(won’t work on a phone or tablet)

2. I have made quite a few Instagram books and I love them.  I’m making myself one about my Paris trip right now. I like to make them after most of my trips. Check out this one I made after I traveled to Grasslands National Park

3. Offer ends November 7th 11:59 pm local time.  It should only take about 15 minutes to make your Instagram book.


facts & common questions-

. Are Shipping and taxes included?  No, so it will cost about $10 CAD.
. It’s not working for me. What am I doing wrong?  Many things can impact a user’s experience such as the browser they are using, internet connection, device your using, etc…First thing is to make sure you are using a MAC or PC – you cannot use a mobile device.  If you are and its still not working for you, the best thing to do is to contact Blurb’s customer support and they’ll make sure you are able to make your book. .
. I’m not in Canada and I want to use a different currency, can I?  Blurb ships to over 70 countries however shipping prices vary by country.  This offer will cover a 60 page soft cover book paid for in CAD, USD, AUD, GBP, and EUR.
. I am trying to get the free book and it is charging me?  Make sure to enter the code (in all CAPS) into the box during checkout.  You will need to enter you payment information for shipping + taxes.
. Can I upgrade paper or make a bigger book?  Certainly, you’ll just have to pay the difference.
. I don’t have an Instagram account, can I still make a book?  Yes, you can make any 7X7 20 page standard book with Blurb and this includes the tool that allows you to create a book with your Facebook images.

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getting my drawing on
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I spent  some time with my sweet niece on the ranch this weekend.  We searched for snails in the pond, fed the horses, did a couple of photo shoots together and sat down for some “art” time.  I shot this image of her with my iphone today, so I decided to sketch it out for her.  Pencil crayons and craft paper.  I really ought to get my drawing “on” more often. The immediacy of photography keeps me from what used to be my main artistic pursuit. I’ll work on that this summer.

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