Lose It Right
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A Brutally Honest 3-stage program to help you get fit and lose weight without losing your mind. James Fell

I photographed James Fell for the cover of this book.  I was already a fan.  You can read his witty column all over the internet.  Like the LA Times , Ask Men , Chatelaine and many more.  Well now he has a brand new book coming out.  Available on Amazon April 1st for Canadian buyers.


I got an advance copy!  It was a very good read.  His writing style is laugh out loud funny.  His advice is no nonsense, no airy fairy magical cure stuff here.  Just smart, up to date scientific and practical advice.  I highly recommend it.


This book mirrors many of my own opinions on diet and exercise.   James will help you find the answers you need to get started on a new you.  He is going to ask you to get off the couch.  He is also going to ask you to give up fast food “mostly”.  If you are ready for a graduated program that will convince you to finally get in shape this book is for you! It’s a great read if you are already in top form, but the book is aimed at folks new to the idea of daily exercise and the folks who are not quite sure where to start and what to eat.  He won’t starve you or make you jump into a crazy cross-fit 4 hour a day regime.  Nope, you progress at your own pace and as I know from personal experience- the more success you have, the more motivation you have to keep on with your new lifestyle.  Anyhow- buy the book.  If you are feeling middle age creeping up on you but you’re only in your twenties- buy the book. If your pants have magically shrunk for 5 years straight despite your best efforts- buy the book.  Thanks!  I mocked up this special edition James Fell meta book cover image because it’s April 1st.  But the book is real.  Real good.




In The Artists Studio
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My recent photo essay is on sfgirlbybay!  The photo essay in the painting Studio of Maya Gohill was a fun side project for me and I love working with Maya.  Firstly, I came over to view her space and made some recommendations on interior styling so that it would photograph well.  Actually, I made her paint the whole thing white, as is my way.  Then after removing everything from the room, we brought back in all of her painting, books and in use artists materials.  Maya patiently listened to my critique of some existing furnishings and quickly replaced a dated particle board bookshelf with a stunning IKEA hack in gold.  It was easy to return her work to it’s proper location and I was happy that Maya was so thrilled that I deemed ALL of her books good enough to return to the room.  Of course I did!  Who doesn’t love books.  The final shoot looks great and very authentically Maya Gohill.  We are thrilled that sfgirlbybay posted the final images and I’m very happy with my portrait of this talented and beautiful woman.   I know you will be hearing a lot more about her work in the next little while, and you should know, I recently sat for a photograph session for Maya.  EEEEEiiii She is painting a portrait of me as a gift.  I can’t wait to hang it on my living room eyeball gallery! Writer/blogger Kait Kucy provided the interview for Victoria, making this a 100% Canadian content post!  Go go Canadian creatives!


Raw banana ice cream with maple peanut butter syrup & raw peanut butter date medallions
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I ate this for lunch.  It only looks completely decadent.  In actual fact it’s just fruit, dates and nuts.  Ok, with a bit of maple syrup.


Banana Ice Cream-

Ingredients- 2 banana’s sliced into medallions and frozen for 2 hours in freezer.  (use a silicon plate for this so you can pop them off)


1. Throw your frozen banana’s into the food processor and whir until smooth like ice cream.  wait- it is ice cream.  I swear.

2. Remove to container and return to freezer for harder ice cream.

Maple peanut butter syrup-


1. In a small sauce pan on low heat melt 1/4 cup maple syrup into 2 Tbsp melted natural peanut butter.  Stir most frequently until reduced but still runny.   Pour on ice cream.

Raw date medallions-


3/4 cup raw pitted dates

1/4 cup raisins

2 Tbsp natural crunchy peanut butter

1 Tbsp organic raspberry jelly

4g slivered almonds

1/2 cup oats

raw coconut flakes and toasted almond slivers for garnish


1. Put it all in the food processor and whir until it is fully combined.

2.  Roll into balls, sprinkle coconut and slivered almonds on a sheet of wax paper.  Use another sheet of wax paper on top of balls, press down on top wax sheet with an even hand and a heavy plate.  Use a shot glass to cut your new raw date rounds into tiny medallions.  Use tiny bits of creamed honey as glue on a toothpick to garnish with more toasted almonds.


Put ice cream in a bowl, pour syrup over top, add some raw cookie medallions and sprinkle with toasted almonds.  This entire serving of fruits, nuts and delicious goodness was about 400 calories total.  All good for you.




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