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Some of you may know, I love pin up girls!  Nothing too naughty (well maybe just a little). Now I want “you” to know, I love to shoot pin up photography!


Have you ever wanted to have some pretty and (just a little) sexy photos of yourself (or your girlfriend)? If you live in or around #YYC, I would love to photograph you.  I promise to showcase only your best features and I promise to make it super fun! My fees are quite reasonable (send me a contact email from my blog for fee structure) and I love making my clients feel pretty.  I have my own little production including art direction and set design, plus I happen to know a top notch makeup artist if you would like a little assistance that way. No need to worry about a little blemish or a feature you don’t like. I promise to make those disappear.  Serious clients can book a consult with me and I will show you the best of my pin up portfolio.  I also promise to keep the images to myself!  Unless you want to sign a model release so I can promote the images like some of these pretty girls did.  If I can do it, so can you!  We can shoot in your home, a studio or my place if you wish.  note- while I think boys are swell, I really only photograph women.  18 and older.

  1. Good for you sister! I am quite certain that your photography skills combined with your creative direction will make for stunningly beautiful and fresh looking pin-up pictures

  2. Beautiful ladies! Love all of these shots

  3. Hey there what are ur rates for the pin ups! :) thanks contact me via email

  4. Hello 10 cent,
    First, I wish you a very happy new year. Just hope this year will be as brilliant as the precedent one for your stream.
    Didn’t know you were making that sort of pictures but I must say I am not so much surprised, knowing how good you are in creating designed atmospheres…
    First of all being your self portraits – the last one on Flickr is excellent and the upper one on the right too..
    Have a nice photo year for our pleasure – and yours , of course.

    PS : your blog title is so you and I am pleased for some reasons it might be in French (I am French..) . It fits very well what your stream exhales.
    PS : sorry for my english , sometimes quite approximative, I know..

  5. Wow, that sounds like a great idea. Maybe I’ll treat myself. :)

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