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One of my favorite things in the entire Universe is shooting Interiors for other Designers and Architects. With over 10 years of experience, I can offer experience as both a designer and a photographer to my clients. I also offer full styling services and consultations as well as professional portraits to my clients.

This image is the result of a fun collaboration with Lynn Donaldson & Associates.

To give you an example of what I can do for your company I will outline what I provided for this particular image.

The clients (Lynn Donaldson & Associates Design and Contracting) are a full service firm.  They renovated this home and added a second story as well as excavating a deeper basement.  This new front entryway was designed for convenient front hall storage for their residential clients.  Part of my services offered on this job site included styling.  We removed the homeowners ephemera from the newly designed staircase cubbies and I styled the entire area as a library using paperbacks.  I also provided the antique toy truck to suggest family space and set out my boots on the homeowners existing mat.  I had one of the principal designers of the space simply walk up the staircase and voila!  I like to call this type of styling “library porn”.  As a general rule, most of us respond unconsciously well to suggestions of libraries within our own space.  The repetition and color of the pages of the books makes the image simple yet visually appealing.  Removing the day to day objects of the homeowners depersonalizes the space while leaving room for a lived-in story.



Here is a list of the advantages Lori Andrews Photography can provide.

1. Reasonable day rate and 1/2 day rate available upon request.

2. Natural light photography of your projects with lighting brought in if necessary.

3. Full styling and consultation services including provision of props if required.

4. Quick turnaround on photographs with same week dropbox delivery of best selection of large size files (JPEG or TIFF).

5. Photo shop services provided and special requests met.

6. Portrait photography either on-site or in-studio for Designers and Staff.



  1. Love the movement in this picture. The book self is just perfect too! :D

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