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My recent photo essay is on sfgirlbybay!  The photo essay in the painting Studio of Maya Gohill was a fun side project for me and I love working with Maya.  Firstly, I came over to view her space and made some recommendations on interior styling so that it would photograph well.  Actually, I made her paint the whole thing white, as is my way.  Then after removing everything from the room, we brought back in all of her painting, books and in use artists materials.  Maya patiently listened to my critique of some existing furnishings and quickly replaced a dated particle board bookshelf with a stunning IKEA hack in gold.  It was easy to return her work to it’s proper location and I was happy that Maya was so thrilled that I deemed ALL of her books good enough to return to the room.  Of course I did!  Who doesn’t love books.  The final shoot looks great and very authentically Maya Gohill.  We are thrilled that sfgirlbybay posted the final images and I’m very happy with my portrait of this talented and beautiful woman.   I know you will be hearing a lot more about her work in the next little while, and you should know, I recently sat for a photograph session for Maya.  EEEEEiiii She is painting a portrait of me as a gift.  I can’t wait to hang it on my living room eyeball gallery! Writer/blogger Kait Kucy provided the interview for Victoria, making this a 100% Canadian content post!  Go go Canadian creatives!


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