10cent bunny

Back in the day

My mom and I used to own a store in Cochrane (a small town not far from Calgary).  Every Easter weekend as promotion, I would dress up in this bunny costume, stand outside the store and give away candy and polaroids with the Easter Bunny.  Sometimes the little ones would run towards me for blocks, so excited that they were about to see the Easter Bunny in Person! And sometimes they would just stop running about 3 meters away and realize, meeting the Easter Bunny was quite a bit more intense than they had anticipated.  Occasionally there were tears.  Now I know how Santa feels. Mostly, there was hugs and giant smiles.  Somehow all the men knew I was a girl bunny too.  They would all have a photo taken with me as well.


The guy in the blue truck behind me.  He used to sit in his truck and watch the town go by.  Most of the time, for most days.  Small towns are like that.

We sold the store years ago.

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