I have never taken supplements of any sort until very recently.  I just never felt comfortable with it (Ok I kinda think/thought it is possibly kinda silly).  But after a little reading and some research I decided to try a few vitamins and supplements on a trial basis for 3 months.  I will assess at that point whether I will continue.  I am taking a multi-vitamin by NewChapter organics, something for my hair and bones by BioSil (vegetarian capsules), Camu Camu berry powder (vitamin c), natural factors D3 and Schinoussa Sea Vegetables (stirred into water).  Also a digestive enzyme when I remember to take it.

I expect to feel like super girl shortly.


  1. Did you get these as a package or did you buy individually? Brand? Where did you get them? Etc? I want to know more. :)

    • the 10 cent designer
      April 2, 2011 at 5:50 pm

      emdot and Annika- I bought them all packaged separately, I got great help at the Community Natural Foods store near my house. I already had decided on the sort of vitamin help I thought would be beneficial to me, so we simply narrowed down the options together. Wherever possible I chose products that were derived from natural plant based sources instead of synthesized. I also had to look for GF products of course. My nails have been cracking and peeling this year so that s why I went for that, I’m getting older so I chose a womans multi-vitamin as a back up for when my diet slacks. The seaweed mixture is really good as a metabolism booster so um, yah. I live up north so I need the D and the vitamin c- well, it’s natural and you can never have enough of that right! :)
      also, in the photo there is a zinc lozenge as well. I’m taking extra zinc because Ken is sick and I am trying to ward it off. :)

  2. Me too! How did you decide on these?
    And what made you go for this mixture in particular?

  3. I started taking Biotin about one year ago because I noticed that my nails were chipping more easily. It has really helped in that regard. You have to give it six months though as nails take that long to grow fully.

  4. the 10 cent designer
    April 2, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    ok, I will keep that in mind and keep up with the BioSil!!! :)

  5. Thanks for the info! I always go back and forth on whether I should take supplements. Be careful of the zinc tablets though. A doctor told me they can rob you of your sense of taste! I’m moving to Portland, OR soon so I will probably need to join you on the Vitamins C & D!

  6. I think some supplements are okay and maybe even required but most are unnecessary with a well balanced and complete diet. I take a multi vitamin, cod liver oil capsule for vitamin D… And I also take digestive enzymes when I remember ;-)

  7. I’ve been using BioSil (in liquid), and I’ve liked it very much.

    I highly recommend Chia Seeds (for omega 3 and fiber). It’s a super nutrient =)

  8. Hi 10 – I’m so curious about the Biosil – I need my hair to grow faster. I’ve read a bunch of reviews online and people seem really mixed about it. Some had severe itchy skin – have you had any side effects since starting all of this?

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