The Big Breakfast

It’s the Saturday morning of the annual Calgary Folk Music Festival. I am going to be expending a whole lot of energy outside in the heat today. There are acts on six small stages plus the main stage! That’s a lot of music to take in. Of course it is 30° c out today so I will need good fuel to keep me going all day. :) Here is what I have just finished eating for breakfast!


1 egg, poached
1 cup of baby potatoes, boiled until done
2 cups of spinach, sauteed quickly in ghee
1 small tomato, sliced
1/2 yellow bell pepper, chopped
fresh ground pepper to taste
coarse salt to taste.


If you were really decadent (like kencent)
you could slice up your cooled boiled potatoes and fry them in butter and garlic with some green onion and chives for a morning hash. (oh yes he did!)

  1. i might enjoy ken cent's breakfast a little more. there is nothing like eggs & fried potatoes for breakfast!

  2. That looks really delish!

  3. I'm a big eater…and that's not my idea of 'big'. But it does look oooh so good!

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