The 10 cent Diet Gluten Free, Naturally – the cookbook!

Well I finally made the cookbook. Blurb has an option to transfer information from Blogger so I chose to do it that way. I had a couple friends ask me like a hundred times to make this so I did. :)

  1. oh fun! this is going to be great. my dearest friend has gluten intolerance, and i bet she'd love this!

  2. Congrats! It's so nice! And your recipes look yummy.

    I still haven't figured out whether I have wheat/gluten intolerance and or dairy intolerance. I'm thinking all of the above. I'm not much of a cook so it's been pretty frustrating and expensive trying to find enjoyable food to eat. I plan to start trying out some of your recipes.

    I'm sure eating healthy would make me feel like Super Woman :)


  3. I've been waiting for this for a long time!

  4. thanks montague! My husband is not gluten intolerant at all yet he enjoys everything I cook :)

    Urban Dwelling, after I went cold turkey on the gluten I also eventually came to realize that milk products (even lactose free ones) cause my IBS symptoms to flare for weeks. I kept some items in the cookbook that have cheese etc. because I know these things are really loved by most people. :)

  5. oh Hey! Thanks Jill! you slipped in while I was writing my replies :)

  6. This is fantastic!!! Congratulations Lori…

  7. Congrats! Might have to put this on my Christmas list!

  8. thanks!

  9. Hey Lori – for those of us in Calgary is it better if we still order these online or do you have a stack already printed that one could buy directly from you if they lived close by? :)

  10. No, my profit margin is a whopping $4.00 per book. :) I only bought one copy myself. I really never made it for profit, but rather just for fun. I'm aiming to earn back the price of the book I bought myself! That's my goal. :)

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