Sunday Penance breakfast

Last night was fun.  I had a girlfriend “date” and we went out for (gluten free/dairy free for me) pizza and plenty of wine.  As I am a bit of a newbie wine drinker, it’s possible that I overindulged just a bit.  (My wonderful fellah Buckarooken picked us up and drove us home at the end of the night.  Isn’t he a peach!)
My penance- well for starters this is no time for greasy breakfast.  The calories from the wine alone last night!  Oy.  So I began my day with a delicious but low calorie hot breakfast.

Organic Brown Rice flakes cook up in minutes.  I added some delicious fresh pineapple pieces, a few nuts and topped it off with a little brown rice milk.  Hardly penance at all really.

  1. Thanks for this simple and healthy breakie idea. I've been off granola for the past while (since winter struck, I guess) and haven't been inspired to eat much of anything in the mornings. I sometimes eat brown rice with egg but that seems like a whole lot of work for breakie. The brown rice flakes look like a quick alternative. Thanks!

  2. yes, they are super quick! I hope you enjoy it :)

  3. very good

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