Rolled Oats for fall

One of the things I missed the most when I went gluten free was hot oatmeal. Ever since I tried these Uncontaminated Rolled oats without any obvious symptoms, I have been loving my hot morning cereal! Today I added a bit of coconut, some milled flax seeds, dried cranberries, a touch of agave syrup (for sweetening) and some fresh blueberries from my trip to the farmers market. I cooked my rolled oats according to the package directions, added the cranberries in the last minute and then poured them in a bowl and mixed them with the flax and coconut. A little almond milk on top and I have tons of energy for the day!

  1. seems interesting, looking at posts, sometimes i want to argue and agree..i was looking for oatmeal photos and found this blog:)

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