One week to healthy- day 6 & 7
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This Post is entitled- What I didn’t eat. Augh, I ate everything I said I wouldn’t over the weekend.

On Saturday I was shooting a wedding all day.  We (my assistant and I) were invited to sit down for dinner and honestly, the buffet was full of healthy choices.  I made my mistake when I inquired if there were any gluten free dessert choices.  The restaurant brought me a big slice of GF chocolate cake.  I’m pretty sure it was made of butter, sugar and chocolate. I ate it all.  oops!

Then on Sunday it was back to folk fest.  I had two onigiri that day, plus some of that sweet and salty kettle corn popcorn and way too many ciders, plus some french fries!  The ciders of course made me hungry so I got some delicious corn tortilla beef tacos (with mango salsa) from Sunterra.  Mostly healthy but I was really trying to avoid the corn tortillas.

No worries, I’ll just  be conscious of my diet this week, now that all the partying is done. -  Today I started with plain yogurt and granola, ate an avocado and edamame for lunch and I’m about to grill some chicken and corn on the cob for dinner.

My 5D is off to the shop as it is not working (thank goodness it worked until I got the wedding images off it!). So, I will give you this lovely photo of fresh veggies to convince you that I was not tempted and did not fail on my mission.  Ha!


Saturday and Sunday activities-

Saturday- none, unless you count standing all day shooting a wedding activity.

Sunday- mostly raising my glass with a tiny bit of bike riding thrown in.


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