Lettuce packages

Fresh lettuce leaves, wafer-thin lemon, shredded chili and ginger, crunchy salted peanuts and plump shrimp.  Guests make their own to taste.

So fresh and fast for light summer meals or an appetizer.


8 lettuce leaves from a soft round head of lettuce

8 paper thin slices of lemon, quartered

2 red and green chili’s sliced very thin

1 – 1″ piece of fresh ginger, sliced very very thin

1 handful of salted peanuts

16 shelled tiger shrimp, cooked, cooled and cut in half

12 small lemon wedges



1. Place the lettuce leaves in a bowl and divide the remaining ingredients into 4 small piles on a serving plate.

2. Invite each diner to place a lettuce leaf on their plate, place half the ingredients from a pile and finish with a squeeze of lemon.  Roll the leaf up, eat at once, make another….

Make more for a larger crowd.






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