double chocolate peanut butter rice crisps

chocolate craving?  make these.


3 Tbsp melted honey

3 Tbsp natural organic crunchy peanut butter

3 Tbsp organic cocoa

24 gluten free rice crackers (I like Want-Want brands SuperSlim Sea Salt rice crisps)

1 cup dark chocolate melted in a double boiler

coarse sea salt


1. In a medium bowl, use a spoon to mix together your melted honey with the peanut butter. Add the cocoa powder (just 2 Tbsp to begin with)  you will want your peanut butter mixture to be more “dough” like less “icing”, so that it will spread but not ooze out of the crackers.

2. Use a small spatula to spread about a tsp. of peanut butter/cocoa  mixture onto a rice cracker, top with another rice cracker, squish down and trim off the excess with your spatula (return excess to bowl for more filling)

3. Once all your mini “sandwiches” are made, dip them completely in melted chocolate, add a sprinkle of coarse sea salt on top and chill thoroughly on wax paper in the fridge.  Easy to freeze as well, let stand to just about room temp for serving though.

salty, chocolaty, crispy gluten free treats!


  1. Oh man, those look amazing! And totally easy to veganize, too. Want.

    • the 10 cent designer
      August 29, 2011 at 1:30 pm

      honestly, I thought of you when I was making these. VERY easy to replace the honey. don’t make more than 12. cause then you will eat more than 12.!!! haha

  2. these look so incredibly delicious! I can’t wait for the weekend to make them!

  3. My husband would LOVE these. I should surprise him with these one night!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. I have to go make these now! But first I have to go buy some crackers! Thanks so much for the awesome idea!

  5. O.M.G. Those look fantastic!!!! I can not wait to try them pronto!!! Yum!

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