Burnt Toast

Whole Grain slice of bread

Toaster/Toaster Oven


1. Place bread slice in toaster oven { or toaster }

2. Wait until golden { or until popped }*

3. Dress as desired { butter, jam, peanut butter, honey are someĀ favoritesĀ }

*note: If using toaster oven do not get distracted or your toast will be toast!

I decided to simply make toast at 10 Cent’s house as a snack. Instead of creating a golden piece of carb heaven, I created a scorched slice of charcoal. Seriously, who does that? The simplest task turned into catastrophe. I may be a hopeless case in the kitchen but I believe that with 10 Cent’s help there is hope for me { & my husband’s belly }.

  1. Heyyy. Wait. What?

    Bread throws me for a loop. Love the place setting.

  2. wha?? I’m so confused. Is this GF bread? Glutino? (from Canada). Scharrs? ((from Germany). Udi’s? (from Denver). Or is a homemade loaf of sandwich/toasting bread?
    Did you use a GF designated toaster to prevent cross-contamination?
    Has your kitchen been hijacked? :)

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