Artist statement

As a self-portraitist my photos are based on personal reflections of objects, places, and memories; often from my childhood, translated and recreated through my adult woman perspective. Since I am both subject and photographer, I employ anonymity as a device in the recreation of these memories, resulting in a sense of “every-woman” for the viewer, but also to provide distinction between my work and myself.


As always my work includes childhood fantasy and Wonder Woman has importance to me both in iconic imagery and connotation. I grew up in a time when women were vocally declaring their equality and all of my art has come from a firmly ingrained sense of self and feminism. I consider Wonder Woman to be my first female heroine and her femininity to be her greatest strength. For the Wonder photo-shoots I selected locations I consider highly personal: Saskatchewan’s Grasslands National Park and Rocky Mountain imagery from my favourite Alberta locations. Many of these places I have already created imagery through my 10cent persona, but recreating these images while wearing my Wonder Woman costume radically transforms the imagery for both myself as artist and the viewer.


My work is narrative based and explores notions of identity, voyeurism, feminism, obsession, and ego.